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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
im always just beginning

i keep starting new things. lately its been hard finishing these new things. but i know i will eventually.

i am trying to make linoleum prints for my thank you cards from the recent holidays. at this rate though, they'll be for next year.

this is a puppet for my stop motion music video, which is postponed until i own a camera good enough to shoot it with.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
with strings

at times when i should be doing something animation related, one can probably find me in a drooling trance while knitting. i just learned how to knit a few months ago and i can't really stop.

here is a hat i made



i cant really take good pictures of my own head

here is a scarf im making for my brother


his old scarf was last seen at his ex-girlfriends house. that scarf is now presumed dead.

Friday, January 11, 2008
behind windows

more sleepwalking stuff:

almost final version of the girl digital puppet


...and a few backgrounds. these are just the scanned drawings. hopefully they will look a lot different once i slap them hard with a photoshop stick.





Friday, January 04, 2008
2008? 2,000 Great!

my first post of the new year. hmmmm. i guess it would have been better to post something on the first of the year. now its just the 4th, which is the poor man's first. i'll take it.

i got some things goin on these days. i'm going to try and post various stages of progress as I go through some projects this month. from knitting, to puppets, to a music video, to linoleum prints.

the music video in particular is something i'm focusing on right now, for this great band called the denouement. the track, sleepwalking, is from their new album coming out...probably now. this project has been a for fun thing, and as such, it gets neglected as i get caught up in trying to 'make money' and 'work' so that im not 'poor' so i don't 'get evicted' and 'cry.'

the long and short of it is i told them it'd be done by christmas, and some of it is still being designed at this point. whoopsiedoodle, but such is life, when you gots to pay the billz. i'm still just as excited about it and looking forward to putting it all in motion. the best thing about doing your own projects is that there is no limit to the amount of time you have to achieve exactly what you want. no rushing for deadlines, nothing has to be sacrificed. the bad part, however, is that the lack of pressure makes me enjoy the project too much to finish it in a timely manner. i'll do what i can.

for now, just meet the stars of the video:


the sleepwalkers


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