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Sunday, November 27, 2005
  the remnants of a caffeine binge a few weeks ago
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sometimes i go through these weird caffeine binges where my hands smell like coffee and have burns and stains on them for days at a time. and sometimes these coffee adventures coincide with listening to a lot of blonde redhead. actually, just one blonde redhead song over and over again. "this is not" from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. its at those times you get really weird crap like this....
  not sure where im going with any of this
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i guess this is as close as im ever going to get to understanding my brain. there isnt a whole lot of important stuff going on in there i guess. just all this stuff floating around.

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this is called BFF and its about how i want to just be a 12 year old punk orphan who hangs out with their BFF in alleys near broken glass. ripped up clothes and dirty faces. thatd be awesome.

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all of a sudden 40 minutes of our music history class became "time to listen to music while watching the ipod visualizer projected on the gigantic theatre screen" and its making my doodling problem more severe.

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i actually like this. it came out of music history. i think that they are orphans too probably. but geniuses. everything i draw either has to be an orphan or have a jesus halo these days.
Saturday, November 19, 2005
  alright lets get the party started
um so okay i realize a blog cannot be a party but i figured i might as well start posting things if i said thats what im gonna do. and i told like three people about this blog so there is now a -.3457 % chance of someone looking at it. as such, I must post.

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done in music publishing

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the renaissance art in music history made me think about giving certain doodles jesus halos

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of course he is

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marshmallows are easy to draw that they can do whatever they want

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this was from halloween time i was trying to be spooky

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i really hope the final for music history has something to do with these notes i took
Thursday, November 10, 2005
  What happens when you dont like to wear your glasses and cannot see the presentation in music history lecture
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i couldn't read the words on the projection screen anyway. and my glasses are somewhere in the depths of some forgotten desk drawer. i swear i do the reading tho.
  who goes to school
we have chosen to document our frustrations and trials of regression that have plagued us in the recent semester of our college education. the following content will be work inspired by expensive and idle day dreaming during courses at one of the largest private universities in the world.

yes, it is knowledge that we seek, but perhaps we are not the most conventional scholars. but perhaps it would help to share something that many college students suffer from- roving imaginations fueled by malnurished sleep-deprived brains committing heinous acts of graffiti on paper that otherwise is intented for educational use. i.e.- school notebook doodling.

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